National Dress Up Your Pet day

How do you celebrate National Dress up your pet day?

To be honest, this is the first we've heard of it! Gasp. I was always under the impression based everyday was dress your pet up day, especially if you owned a small dog or a goldfish in need of a tophat. So yes, everyday can be dress your pet up day, but January 14th it's National dress your pet up day. Wether you have a dog, cat, hamster or llama you can get busy posting photos of how you dressed up your pet on January 14th. Why not even go a little crazy and get matching outfits. 


If you need a little inspiration or a dose of cuteness here you go.

1. The hip

brown and white dog wearing pink and black polka dot dress


2. The hip-ster

dog wearing shirt with hat


3. The Little Monster

white and brown long coated small dog

5. The intellect

adult black pug


5. The Semi-Formal

silver tabby cat with pink bowtie


7. The Festive

camel with eyeglasses


We'd love to see how you dress up your pet!

Post a photo in the photo section of our site or email us! 

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