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What Kind of Date Would You Go On?

by: Samantha M

We recently asked you all, as a community, what you would prefer to do on a date. The choices (from highest voted to lowest voted) were going to see a play, concert, or live event, getting coffee, playing mini golf, going bowling, or another activity, going out for drinks, watching movies at home, going out for dinner and a movie, and going on a date night out of town. The MOST POPULAR choice was “going on a date out of town” at thirty percent. “Dinner and a movie” and “watching movies at home” tied with seventeen percent. “Getting coffee” and “Mini golf, bowling, or other activity” tied with nine percent. “Going out for drinks” was at thirteen percent. And coming in last with four percent was “going to see a play, concert, or live show”.

In Highlands County, there is not much to do, especially if you are dating. Many people prefer to go out of town to do something, whether that be dinner, shopping, even just walking around. So it came as no surprise that “going out of town” won the vote. It also was not shocking to know that most people like to go see movies, whether that be in a theater or at home snuggled up on the couch. Movies are always a safe bet, no matter the stage of the relationship.

We took a poll (outside the poll) and asked people what their favorite date would be, and certain questions arose, that I'm sure you had too! Many people asked if these options were for a “first date” scenario, or if these options were for people who had been dating a month or longer. Everyone has their preference, however, in my opinion, going to a movie or doing an activity such as bowling or mini golf, would not be a good first date, since the whole point of a first date is to get to know one another. It's kind of hard to talk during a movie.

So the polls might have been a little skewed, especially if most of you had the same thoughts, and thought we were talking about “first date” activities. 

No matter what you like to do or who you like to do it with, dating is fun and exciting and even if it progresses nowhere, at least you got to know someone new. Dating is a great way to socialize and break out of your routine!

If you know any other great date ideas (first or not), let us know in the comments section down below
and stay tuned for the next poll article!

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