Orchid Society of Highlands County

by: Glen S

The Highlands Orchid Society meets the 4th Monday of each month except December. We meet at the Highlands County Civic Center behind the public library at 7 pm. We hold orchid raffles at each meeting, and have a presentation by an orchidist about the care and propagation of orchids in south-central Florida. Presenters have shared information on feeding, watering, and controlling light levels to our orchids. We have learned about diseases and pests that can affect our plants. We have even had demonstrations of potting Vanda orchids rather than letting their root systems dangle freely. Members and guests bring in flowering plants to share the beauty of their blooms. And we even dedicate a few minutes to eating, with members sharing some of their favorite snacks.

 We are a 501 c 5 non-profit organization dedicated to serving the residents of Highlands County and its environs. We award at least one scholarship to a graduating senior from a Highlands County high school who plans to major in a horicultual field. Each spring we organize and present an orchid show at the Civic Center featuring 7 vendors, floral displays by area organizations, and art work by local elementary school children. 

We invite all who have an interest in orchids and their care to join us at the Civic Center on the 4th Monday of the month. For more information contact President Glen Shellhammer at 419-217-8676 or at glenshellhammer @aol.com.

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