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Rise Up Patient Advocacy, Inc. helps patients and families navigate the health care system. We coordinate care between doctors, promote and support patient autonomy, give each patient and family a voice, help each understand his or her medical plan of care with compassion and understanding while advocating for each individual’s needs. In the changing field of health care, patient and families deserve to be treated with care and compassion upheld by ethical standards while having his/her medical needs met. We “Rise Up” and give you a voice!


Brandi Hornick, BCPA is a Board Certified Patient Advocate who will assist you in the guidance to make well-informed decisions about your healthcare needs. She will guide you with compassion and understanding as she equips you with the knowledge to be confident in all of your decisions as you navigate yours or your family’s medical needs. Brandi Hornick, BCPA will advocate for the rights of the patient and family. We are changing and saving lives. 


Rise Up Patient Advocacy, Inc. is a resource for patients and families in the ever-changing field of healthcare. We will provide guidance while eliminating obstacles to access quality healthcare while advocating for the needs of each individual and/or family.



  • Coordinate care between doctors
  • Promote and support patient autonomy
  • Schedule appointments
  • Speak to doctors as needed by the patient or family
  • Accompany patients or families to appointments, procedures, or the hospital



  • We have achieved helping children, adults, and families learn about their diagnoses, treatment, and prognoses by giving them the tools to understand.

  • We have encouraged second opinions when the first doesn’t seem helpful because it is okay to seek more answers.

  • We have spoken to physicians and healthcare teams for the patients and families to help make decisions and improve the patient’s care.

  • We have accompanied patients to appointments.

  • We have provided advocacy by phone, email, and travel.

  • We have educated patients and families to make confident decisions in their medical care.


Our compassion comes from our experiences

Brandi has 21 years of experience in advocating for patients in different medical care experiences. Her first experience began when her child became very sick and doctors kept sending her child home, hospital after hospital missed the diagnosis. She realized if she didn’t advocate for her child, she may lose her. She spent months advocating for her 2-year-old daughter until she received answers. The answer was not what she was prepared for as the doctors told her that her 2-year-old little girl had a rare form of cancer. She knew she had to continue to advocate for her to survive and she did. Her second child was born with a genetic condition and she continued to advocate until she found answers for her. It took over 40 doctors and 10 years before her second child was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition, but she would not stop until she had answers.



Call us for an appointment today!

For more information visit our website or email Brandi Hornick, BCPA at brandihornick@riseuppatientadvocacy.com







5613 US 27 North - Sebring, FL 33875

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