Out of this World Hotels

Costa Verde, Provincia De Puntarenas, Costa Rica


On a coastal rainforest bluff nestled between Manuel Antonio National Park and incredible Pacific Ocean vistas that will take your breath away. To make it even more exotic, check out the refurbished 1965 vintage Boeing 727 airframe. The structure is set out on a concrete plinth that juts 50 feet into the jungle canopy and furnishings are hand-carved teak. The rear bedroom also has a handcrafted deck atop the wing.







Posidon Undersea Resort, Fiji


A hotel 20,000 leagues below the rest.  Activities abound for adventurers, from maneuvering a personal Triton submarine through a lagoon, exploring the ocean’s depths as the passenger of a 1,000-foot luxury submersible, to scuba diving in pristine waters. Those who seek solitude will find the epitome of relaxation when indulging in marine-focused spa treatments and meditation under the gaze of only the moon and stars. 







Das Parkhotel Germany


Maximum comfort in a minimal amount of space.  It is constructed from repurposed, incredibly robust drain pipes. The external simplicity surrounds an unexpectedly comfortable interior - full headroom, double bed, storage, light, power, wooly blanket and light cotton sleeping bag. 







Grand Canyon Motel “Cave” Room


Spend the night in the oldest, darkest, deepest, quietest, and largest suite room in the world. 220 feet below ground, in a cavern that took 65 million years to form, in a room that is 200 feet wide, 400 feet long with a 70 foot ceiling.







Magic Mountain Hotel, Huilo Huilo Reserve, Chile


The Magic Mountain Hotel is in the Huilo Huilo reserve, which covers 60,000 hectares of Valdivian forest, and has natural hot springs, unexplored lakes and direct access to the Mocho Choshuenco volcano. Accommodation ranges from rooms in the main lodge, which has a waterfall cascading from the pinnacle of the roof, to secluded forest lodges.



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