Did you just say eggcorns?


Some times a phrase is misheard or misused in conversation. They go by a few different names, depending on how the phrase is misheard or misused. Whether they're Mondegreens, Eggcorns, or something else, we've all used a few at some point. We put together a list of a few of the most often misused. [The correct term is in brackets]



An escape goat [correct phrase: a scapegoat]


On baited breath [correct phrase: on bated breath]


A doggie-dog world [correct phrase: dog-eat-dog world]


To all intensive purposes [correct phrase: to all intents and purposes]


Boo to a ghost [correct phrase: boo to a goose]


Hunger pains [correct phrase: hunger pangs]


Tongue and cheek [correct phrase: tongue-in-cheek]


Pass mustard [correct phrase: pass muster]


Just deserves [correct phrase: just deserts]


Biting my time [correct phrase: biding my time]


Taken for Granite [correct phrase: taken for granted]


Ex-patriot [correct phrase: expatriate]



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