Super Bowl Games


Play Charades

There are plenty of topics for charades that have to do with Football and the Super Bowl.  If you don't know the exact rules, check them out here.

Official Rules of Charades



Play Tabletop Paper Football

If you don't know how to play Tabletop Football, chances are that someone in the room does.  IF they don't, even Wikipedia has the rules for you. 

Wikipedia's Paper Football Rules



Don't Say It

Using a whiteboard or chalk board, write everyone's name down.  Pick a any word the group likes.  Any time during the night someone uses the word they get a mark next to their name.  Either the person with the least marks gets a prize of some sort, or the person with the most marks gets an agreed upon "Punishment" like having to gatoraide poured over their head or having to roll in a pool of pudding.




The last three generally involve gambling between friends, but you don't have to use actual money.  Monopoly money is always a great subsitution, especially when there's a prize at the end of the night for whoever holds the most. Play all three at the same time to really mix it up and randomize who gets the prize.


Play Squares

Squares is one of the most popular games to play on Super Bowl Day.  It might seem a little complicated to set up, but it can add an extra layer of fun to your Game Day party.  This website has a printable version and some great rules spelled out pretty clearly.

A printable Squares Board with rules.





Before the game starts, have all of your guests put in $1, $5, or $10, based on how large you want your pool. Put the names of all of the key players on both teams into a hat. Have each guest draw out a name. At the end of the game, whoever’s player is named MVP wins the pot! If your party is on the smaller side, put the most popular players names into the pool to ensure that the MVP will be chosen.




Pass the Cup

This is a classic Super Bowl party game to play. Hand one guest an empty cup and have them put a dollar into it. The person has to name a football play, like field goal. The cup keeps getting passed with each person adding a dollar to it. The cup continues to get passed until a field goal is scored and the person holding the cup wins the money! Whoever is holding the cup can make the rule so you can switch it up during the game with touch downs, first downs, etc.

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