Tips for After-Holiday Cleaning

It's that time of the year. All the holidays are done for a while and the house in in need of a good cleaning.  Try some of these tips to help with the after-holiday clean-up.



Say goodbye to unwanted gifts.

It's the thoughts that count when it comes to gifts, and sometimes unwanted gifts just add clutter to the house.  Return or donate the unwanted gifts and make the holiday cleaning a little easier.




Clean the guest bedroom.

If you've had guests over, now is the time to give the guest room a good cleaning while you have a break in holiday guests.



Take down the lights.

Take down your lights and put them in storage.  THe Holidays are over and if you do it now, you wont be the neighbor with lights up still on valentines day.



Organize and stow.

Instead of throwing all your decorations in storage in a hurry, leaving you with bent decorations and and a ball of christmas lights, take the time to organize everything as you put them away.  You'll thank yourself next year.




Put any gifts you enjoy, but dont need away in the closet, along with a note of who gifited it to you.  Regift in the future or host a white elephant gift exchange to thin out the gifts, using the note to prevent making the embarassing mistake of gifting a present back to the original gifter.



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