Pool Party and Lake Day Fun 2023
Lets get this party started!

Planning a pool party or a fun-filled day at the lake? Look no further than inflatable rafts to take your aquatic adventures to the next level! These versatile and inflatable watercraft provide the perfect platform for relaxation, socializing, and enjoying the refreshing water. Here are a few awesome inflatables for added fun during your pool party or lake day.


Key Features to Consider

Size and Capacity:

  • Ensure the raft is suitable for the number of people you expect.
  • Consider the weight capacity to avoid overloading the raft.

Material Quality and Durability:

  • Opt for rafts made from durable materials such as heavy-duty PVC or reinforced vinyl.
  • Look for features like welded seams for enhanced durability.

Inflation and Portability:

  • Consider ease of inflation and deflation.
  • Look for rafts that come with an air pump or have quick-inflate valves.
  • Compact, easily transportable rafts are ideal for hassle-free outings.

 Safety Features:

  • Check for safety handles or straps to ensure stability and prevent falls.
  • Choose rafts with sturdy, non-slip surfaces for added safety.


Here are a few of the many options available:


1. FUNBOY x Malibu Barbie™ Golf Cart Pool Float

Want to get it in the water but not get wet? Float in style at your next pool party or lake day


Buy it here



2. Inflatable Tank Float/Functional Pump-Action Watergun

Have a blast with this tank pool float the blast Water up to 50ft


 Buy it here


3. LED Remote Control Inflatable Net and Glow In The Dark Beach Balls
Want more excitement than just floating around? Check out this light up volleyball set.

4. Ozark Trail Big 6-Person Inflatable Island 10', Recreational Float

This 6 person island float is the perfect way relax on the lake. This Large, multi-person rafts with ample seating capacity. Ideal for group gatherings and socializing. Many feature a central mesh area for cooling off and connecting with the water.


5. Floating Cabana Bar

Keep it chill with the floating Cabana bar. Once your are in the water who wants to get out, let the drinks and snacks come to you with this luxurious mini bar.



These are only a few of the many awesome inflatables you can choose from. Remember to prioritize safety, choose a reliable raft with suitable features, make sure everyone wears appropriate flotation devices, especially non-swimmers and assign responsible adults to keep an eye on children and maintain a safe environment. So, gear up, inflate your raft, dive in and create lasting memories with friends and family.  

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