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6 Insured Body Parts



Legs seem to be one of the most insured parts on our list, for a variety of reasons. From Soccer stars David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo, to Mariah Carey, to Michael Flatley the Lord of the Dance; insuring legs seem to be very popular and possibly for good reason.




Taste Buds

Another popular body part to insure that may not make be the first you think of: taste buds. Coffee, wine, chocolate; If it comes to mind when you think of food, there is probably a professional taste tester with a very important sense of taste. Some examples are Hayleigh Curtis of Cadburry Chocolate, Gennaro Pelliccia of Costa Coffee, and Wine expert Angela Mount.




While we're on food, how about stomachs? Takeru Kobyashi, professional competitive eater, is rumored to have applied for stomach insurance but been denied for coverage due to the risk of his chosen career.




For some people, their hands are their life. While there may be skilled individual like surgeons, one of the big names in the hand insurance game is Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. His hands are insured for a whopping 1.6 million dollars, and rightfully so.




A surprising number of celebrities have insured their glorious hair. Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburg Steelers had his hair insured while working as a spokesman for head and shoulders. Tom Jones on the other hand, insured his chest hair for a whopping 7 million dollars.





The most out of this world body part insurance is pretty steller. Shirley MacLaine (along with around 20,000 other Americans) has herself covered against any losses that might arise in the event of their possible alien abduction.


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