Burn Ban for Highlands County Area
in effect until July 3
Due to dry weather conditions over an extensive period resulting in a drought index rating exceeding 600 (as of April 3) on a scale of 0-800, the Highlands County Board of County Commissioners has approved a burn ban for the county to take effect immediately.
No burning, residential or otherwise of any kind, may occur without a state of Florida Forest Service permit.
The burn ban includes, but is not limited to all outdoor burning:
• Yard trash, vegetation, grass
• Lumber, trees
• Household paper products
• Debris
All bonfires, campfires, warming fires, fires in outdoor fireplaces, and open cooking fires are also prohibited.
Cooking on a contained gas or charcoal grill is allowed.
This information reposted from the Highlands County Sheriff's Office
The burn ban applies to all unincorporated areas of Highlands County and the municipalities of Avon Park, Lake Placid and Sebring.
The burn ban is in effect for 90 days through July 3, unless repealed or extended by the Board of County Commissioners.
Any person who refuses to comply or violates this burn ban shall be punished according to the law. This misdemeanor offense is punishable by a fine not to exceed $500 or by imprisonment by a term not to exceed 60 days in the county jail or both.
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