7 Interesting Types of Insurance


7 Interesting Types of Insurance

(you just might need)



Bicycle Insurance

Bicycle insurance covers accidents, theft, and damage. So whether it's your primary mode of transportation around the city or just something you use for a leisurely ride, anyone can benefit from having it.


Dog Bite Insurance

From dog bite to someone tripping over your tiny pal, dog bite insurance covers anything that might happen between your dog and another person. Aggressive breeds are more expensive to insure, while being spayed/neutered helps lower the cost.


Special Event Insurance

Sometimes the venue or planner may be able to provide or help with liability insurance for your event. That is not always the case, and it is a very smart idea to look into Special Event insurance with your insurance agent to make sure you are getting the best deal and coverage for your event.


Pet Health

Pet health insurance is great for dogs and cats. It covers a variety of expenses that can pop up unexpectedly for your furry friend. It can even cover cancer treatments and chemo.


Flood Insurance

Your home insurance doesn't cover you for floods. If you live somewhere that flooding (from something such as Hurricanes) may occur, this can be a smart investment.


Boat Insurance

Not only does boat insurance cover all the typical things you'd expect it to cover on your boat, it covers the fishing equipment too!



Personal Property Insurance

Specific items of high value some times need to be insured separately. Fine Arts, firearms, golf carts, golfing equipment, and jewelry are a few specific types to consider insuring.



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