Halloween Trick or Treating

Having a hard time finding out what time trick or treating is in your city?


October 29, 2022

Avon Park: 6pm - 9pm


October 31, 2022

Auburndale: 6pm - 8:30pm


Eagle Lake: 6pm - 8pm

Lake Placid: 6pm - 9pm

Mount Dora: 6pm - 8pm

Polk County: 6pm - 7pm

Sebring:  5pm - 7pm


If your city was not listed it is common for trick or treating to start after sun down to about 9pm on Oct. 31. Not all cities go by this date and time though so do not rely purely on this information. If you know what time your city does trick or treating that is not listed click here to let us know. We will be updating this article untill Halloween.


**It is always best to double check times and dates with the city.


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