Date Night Picnic


How to prepare

The Perfect Date Night Picnic


If you are looking for an alternative to the predictable here is a great idea for a romantic date night.


What you will need...


A location

You can use your backyard, porch or even your living room.


Lots of Twinkle Lights and Flameless Candles

String up lots of twinkle lights in the trees around the porch or area you are going to have the picnic. Set out a few flameless candles to further set the mood. We recommend sticking with flameless so you don't end up with a visit from the fire department.


A blanket

Make sure it is large enough for the both of you and your food to fit comfortably with a little extra space. If you are going to be outdoors consider a blanket with a water resistant back in case the grass is wet.



Something Romantic. Maybe a little Santra or Ella Fitzgerald.



A Picnic Basket and Food.

A traditional woven picnic basket is always a great choice. Fill it up with your dates favorites (if you know them). You can either go for finger foods or a fancy meal.


Here are a few ideas:

  • Artisan cheeses, meats and/or hummus, fruits and bread.

  • If you are good in the kitchen, make your date's favorite meal.

  • Take out from a favorite restaurant.

  • Deserts like chocolate covered strawberries or cheesecake.


Wine or Sparkling Cider

Don't forget your wine glasses and wine (or sparkling cider).



No matter how common, flowers add a touch of class to every romantic occasion. Anything from a single rose to a bouquet of Peonies. If you know your dates favorite flower opt for those.


Make it a surprise, but let your date know if you plan to be outside and/or sitting on the floor. Also, let her know if you will be having a “casual” or “elegant” evening so she can plan her outfit appropriately.




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