Fall themed recipes and activities

1. Yummy Mummy Pizzas


Want an Excuse to Eat Pizza at Halloween? Make Mummy Pizzas!


These yummy mummies are perfect for halloween parties or a make

your own mummy pizza party with the kids. Not to mention a great way

to slip some veggies into pizza night!

Check out the recipe at www.brit.co



2. Jack O Lantern Pumpkin Ice Cream

Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkin Ice Cream Halloween recipes


When it's Fall it's pumkin season and here in florida

it's almost always ice cream weather.

Try this delicious recipe here studiodiy.com


3. Caramel Apples


Classic Fall treat! Simple and delicious.

Check out the recipe here www.foodnetwork.com


4. Blueberry Mu(mmy)ffins


Not so scary boooberry! Blue berry muffins are a great

snack for the office party or halloween get together.

Kids and adults agree this recipe is spooktacular!

Get the recipe here www.foodnetwork.com


5. Apple Spider Web Pops


An apple a day keeps the vampires away, or something like that.

These fruit filled pops sure do look like a sweet treat.

Get the recipe here www.foodnetwork.com

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