Tips for Staying Cool

Summer comes with some of the best things.  Summer breaks, trips to the beach, barbeque, and fun on the lake.  The warm summer air can be great, but sometimes you need a way to take the edge off the heat.  Try some of these tips to cool down and get the most out of a great summer.


Stay Hydrated

The most important tip for staying cool is also the most important on the list for staying healthy.  With higher temperature comes increased sweating, which means a risk of dehydration.  With greater dehydration comes a higher body temperature. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has found that heat waves are the deadliest extreme weather events in the United States because of dehydration.  So, drink up and cool down.



Opt for the Shutdown

Instead of heating up the house with a hot oven, the dryer setting on the dishwasher, or clothes dryer; consider opting out.  Out-side- that is.  Hanging clothes to dry, air drying dishes, and grilling outside can all not only save a little on energy themselves, but also prevents heating up the house.



Take a Swim

Water? More Water! Staying hydrated is important and healthy. What’s even better than drinking a tall, refreshing glass of water? Jumping in and having a swim!  Find a local lake, beach, or pool and go for a swim.




There’s always the old (and enjoyable) stand-by for cooling down.  Snacks!  If you have a freezer, refrigerator, or even a zeer cooler, your options are almost limitless.  Ice Cream, popsicles, Gazpacho, chilled fruit, Cereal, etc.  Just drop the temperature and enjoy a summer treat.




Not just for hydration, some drinks can really help with keeping cool.  Instead of plain water, try cucumber water, coconut water, or chrysanthemum tea.  All three are not only refreshing and hydrating, but known to have additional cooling properties as well.

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