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What You Need to Know with Your Visit at the Walmart Vision Center during COVID-19


How Walmart Vision Center Cares about you During COVID-19,

I had the pleasure of speaking with their representative Louise Walker who was helpful in answering our questions in regard to how they provide the safest services during COVID-19. Here are some of the policies that are observed at the Walmart Vision Center.

Photo by David Travis

In effect policies.

When first arriving at the Walmart Vision Center the customer will be asked 5 questions to help qualify them for services. Following the questions, the staff member will take the customer’s temperature before letting them into the Vision Center. One of the questions they will ask is if the customer has recently tested positive for Covid-19. If the answer is yes, then the customer has to reschedule at least 15 days out. Also, if a customer has been in contact with someone who has Covid-19 then the customer has to reschedule as well.

In front of the Vision Center, there is hand sanitizer for customers to use. The staff will also use sanitizing wipes to clean and sanitize everything a customer comes into contact with, such as the podium, the screen, and the questionnaire. These safety precautions help sanitize the area for the safety of every customer that visits the Walmart Vision Center.

The staff will also clean the station rope, the thermometer, the chair and table that is provided for the customer, both before and after the visit. The staff at the Walmart Vision Center will clean the examination chair if the customer is seeing the doctor, both before and after the visit. Even the staff’s keyboard at the register is cleaned regularly.

A face shield is worn by the staff when working with the customers that need to try on glasses. Everyone is asked to wear masks, additionally the staff wear gloves, and safety goggles.

Everyone has to keep 6 feet apart in the waiting room area and when the doctor sees a patient only two people can be in the room at the same time, the doctor and the patient, but there is a chair right outside the examination room so if there is someone else with the patient they can wait out there.

Photo by Andriyko Podilnyle

What should you expect?

When you come to visit the vision center, understand you will need to answer the five questions, submit to a temperature check, and if you pass you will then be invited to have a seat if the doctor is busy.

If you are simply there for glasses, then a personal table and chair are provided for your convenience. A selection of frames will be brought to your table. If you would like to select more frames to try on, you may be asked to view the display from a distance and the staff member will retrieve the frames you would like to see and bring them to your table to try them on. This procedure will also ensure the frames are sanitized in-between each customer.

If you are in need of INR training (insertion and removal of contact lenses), then the doctor can assist you as they are able to conduct that training while taking the necessary precautions.

There is currently a mask mandate at Walmart and the vision center. The vision center does understand that COPD patients may not breathe well with some masks, and they will provide a mask for those customers who suffer from COPD to use during their wait and visit at the Walmart Vision Center.

The Walmart Vision Center seems to take both your safety and your vision needs very seriously, and they want everyone to understand that these measures are in place for the safety of your family and theirs. I would like to thank Louise Walker for her help in answering the interview and offering her side of the Walmart Vision Center experience.


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