Highlands County community to get state broadband money

Highlands County community to get state broadband money

Highlands County community to get state broadband money


Highlands County community to get state broadband money

Posted by: Reposted by Central Florida Cities on Feb 9, 2023 11:01AM

Highlands County community to get state broadband money
On Feb. 2, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced the first set of awards through the state’s Broadband Opportunity Grant Program.
We are excited to see that internet service providers will receive grant money to deploy FTTH (fiber to the home) services with symmetrical download and upload speeds of between 1 GB and 2 GB to more than 4,231 unserved locations in Highlands, Glades, and Hendry counties. Those ISPs that service the cities/areas of Venus, Clewiston, Moore Haven, Pioneer, Montura, Palmdale, and Port LaBelle were allocated $5 million in broadband funds.
ISPs in the Avon Park and Sebring communities will also receive grant money in the amount of $1,363,975 to deploy fiber optic cable internet service to over 700 unserved households in those communities with download and upload speeds of up to 1 GBPS.
Once the infrastructure is in place, fiber optic internet service would be available to residents in those areas through an internet service provider.
“I am glad to see this,” Commissioner and Board Chairman Chris Campbell, said. “I know the governor’s proposed budget includes more grant opportunities for ISPs in Highlands County to help underserved areas receive high-speed internet services, and I thank Gov. DeSantis for including Highlands County providers in these opportunities.”
Administered by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, the Broadband Opportunity Program funds the installation and deployment of broadband internet infrastructure providing valuable access to telehealth, economic, educational, and workforce development opportunities.
For a breakdown of awards, click here: https://www.flgov.com/.../governor-ron-desantis.../...
For more information about the Office of Broadband, visit www.FloridaJobs.org/Broadband.

SOURCE: Highlands County Board of County Commissioners

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